Fitness Should Be Fun

Only 7 days in 2017 and I’ve already discovered more about myself than I thought possible.

I began 2017 on a mountain, in a cabin with some of my closest and most cherished friends. In summary, it was a blast. I have no regrets and I would do it all over again in a heartbeat. However, the past week has been hard. I chose to say goodbye to someone who had become extremely close to me. Ending a friendship or relationship is always difficult and will never be an easy process, no matter what side of the equation you are on. Although mutual respect for the individual is crucial… giving the other space and time to process the break up in necessary.

Coming to terms with reality is difficult and realizing what is best for you, might not be best for someone else. However, my happiness should come first, with that being said, I have directed my focus this year on my own personal development. More specifically, my energy will be directed towards my career and my approach to health/fitness.

Long story short: Health and fitness should be fun. I should want to wake up every morning with a smile on my face looking forward to my workout. Recently, I have lost all spark for what I have felt so passionately about in the past. I assumed that I should just keep lifting and keep following my meal plan because those two things have made me happy in the past. But of course, I was totally wrong… I was happy because I was doing something I loved and something I actually wanted to do. Stepping on stage was amazing but is it something that I want to do again? Maybe, but most likely no. Why? Because lifting, counting macros and following a meal plan is not making me happy.

Simply put, I’m not happy. Since I’m not happy, I’m going to make a change.

Going forward, I am going to continue to eat whole foods and re-discover my love for the gym once again. I will no longer lift heavy weights and I will be kinder to my body. I will listen to and be patient with my muscles when they have been exhausted. I will drink wine when I want to and I will stay up till 3am when I want to. Does this make me any less of an athlete? Absolutely not.

Bodybuilding, in my opinion, lacks sustainability. I genuinely respect any and everyone who chooses to pursue the sport. However, I have not been enjoying the process like I once have. Through restriction came binge eating and my efforts to overcome my bad habits will be intensified. Become immersed in the things that make life beautiful, for you and for the people around you. Spend time with friends, hang out with your family, drink a bottle of wine, don’t be afraid to put cheese on it and go out there and LIVE. It’s 2017, what have you been waiting for? It’s comeback season, y’all.