Arnold Sports Festival: Day 3

Groggy, sleep deprived but alive, I roll out of bed around 10am to check my phone. Alex has texted me “Gooooood morning! I passed straight out last night. I woke up this morning and my first word was coffee…”. Yes, our girl missed her ride to the Arnold but hope was not lost. My aunt volunteered to drive me down and show me a bit of downtown Columbus since I had time to spare. I quickly got ready and grabbed my Monster from the fridge and we were off.

My aunt dropped me off at the Convention Center and I was once again a girl in a candy shop. Walking in, I saw Marc Lobiner chilling out with a group of his friends. I politely asked to take a picture with the man himself.

I entered the Expo and to my relief, the crowds were not as bad as they were on Saturday. You could walk, breathe and live your life in the exhibit hall for the first time in two days. I attempted to locate Alex but service was spotty in the hall. I figured I might as well hit the booths and meet the people I wanted to meet all weekend. My coach, Ashley Losee (IG: @missxoashley) informed me she would be at the Expo today via text yesterday! Thank God. She is currently in her prep and has been busy all dang weekend with Expo business, interviews, photoshoots and getting her workouts in.

I decided to try to meet her husband, Coty Losee (IG: @clo34), at the Rule 1 booth. To my surprise, he was standing on the end of the booth near the end of the line. We locked eyes and he recognized me instantly. He came out from inside of the booth and gave me a big hug. Moments like those ones are the reason why I am in the sport. Genuine people making genuine connections. We talked for a bit but told him I had to find his wife! I still hadn’t met the woman who helped me reach my stage dreams last October.

I walked around a bit more and I spotted my coach! She was hanging out by the Devotion Nutrition (which I’m excited to the try samples I received) booth. I instantly beamed and we embraced each other in a long hug. We talked for a while about life, bodybuilding and her philosophy about training, etc. It was a beautiful moment, we shared laughs and we both definitely teared up a bit.  It goes without saying that Ashley is a gorgeous woman, inside and out. She has played a major role in the transformation of my life and I couldn’t be more sure that God brought us together.

I continued to walk around for a bit longer and I received a text from Alex, letting me know they were resting outside of the Expo hall. I made my way out, dodging the crowds and found two of my friends from Twitter that I have known for years but hadn’t met yet, Logan (@logan_xo) and Karlee (@nikesoverheels). Logan filled me in on her powerlifting and I learned a lot about the different federations. Alex grabbed me to go back into the Expo and on the way in, I caught one of my favorite figure competitors, Stephanie Rowe, picking at her Subway sandwich. It was such an honor to be her in presence, she is a light in this what can be dark at times industry. She is always cracking jokes and her laugh is infectious. She let me take a selfie with her and I was on my way.

Following the Expo and saying goodbye to Alex for the last time, I headed to a coffee shop to meet my Aunt who was driving down from up North. We went to TipTop restaurant and I enjoyed a delicious burger with an iced tea. It was so great to see my Aunt and catch up. We don’t get to see each other often due to the distance but when we spend time together, it is like time hasn’t passed. We decided to fulfill our sweet tooth’s and head to Cookie Dough Creamery… and what an experience it was. Cookie Dough Creamery was my dream come true. You buy the bowl upfront and can fill it up to your desire, with cookie dough, ice cream and toppings. Let’s just say, I was in my own little heaven.

It was a wonderful day full of family, friends, fitness and food. I couldn’t have asked for a better last day. I can’t believe the weekend is over. The experience was extremely surreal. I met people I have known through social media for years and being able to interact in person was indescribable. I am so happy that social media has made the fitness empire feel like a second family. I am truly so blessed and I believe that through bodybuilding and fitness, anything is possible. I developed friendships this weekend that will last a lifetime and I am extremely grateful and humbled. A fire has been lit inside my soul to stay on track the remainder of this off season. With a steady off season, comes an easier prep.

Thank you to everyone who inspires me to stay motivated and dedicated to our sport. You have all made an impact on me, whether it be big or small. I am so blessed to have an amazing support system, in real life and through social media. I am ready to make this off season the best it can be with the time I have left as prep is just around the corner.

Until next time!